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Advertising campaigns

We think organizing events should be fun - and we want to keep it that way. 3BOX ADVERTISING invests a great deal of time in understanding and facilitation, driven by the desire to exceed expectations over and over again. 3BOX ADVERTISING can provide all the tools and aspects needed to ensure that your event is a seamless and memorable experience. Successful implementation of the event is an art ... Our event planners are talented and detail-oriented, have a multi-tasking talent and thrive under pressure. When launching an event, we consider the complexity of the brand, the target audience, the concept of the event, logistics planning and technical coordination.

Our strategy: We formulate an event plan based on customer requirements, budget and expected results. A professional team is assigned to organize the event. Creative ideas and concepts. Budgeting. the design. entertainment. Event offers. Logistics services. Stage coordination. Light and sound. And other details that we care most about to beat ourselves every time.